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The LUMPIA-armed avenger reappears in Fogtown and teams up with high school student Rachel to prevent a crime syndicate from selling drugs masked as food in this action comedy.


Fifteen years after the original, the egg roll-armed avenger returns to Fogtown! A maid of honor to her own parents' wedding, teenager Rachel finds herself tangled up with a crime syndicate selling drugs masked as food. She teams up with the crime fighter to prevent a mysterious crime boss from destroying her town, and her parents' dream wedding.

This is a reboot sequel to Lumpia, a 2003 homemade movie that became a cult hit in the Filipino American community. In celebration of its 10th anniversary, this sequel was launched and "kickstarted" five years ago. Lumpia 2, officially titled Lumpia With a Vengeance, began production in June 2017 and stars former UFC fighter Mark Munoz, April Labson, Darion Basco, and Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Til Dawn) while also reuniting some of its original stars.

Lumpia With a Vengeance may be an action comedy on the surface, but at heart, it's a community film developed, funded, and starring the community. It's a Filipino American film but it's also a fun comic book movie for the masses. And it makes use of the one iconic food that defines our community - LUMPIA!

With your help, we can complete the shoot this year, wrap up the movie, and roll it out to our hungry audience...finish that LUMPIA now!


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